3dlogosThe Cyprus Turkish Building Constractors Association was established on March 28, 1994. The founding purpose of the Association is to maintain cooperation and collaboration among the contractors in civil engineering business, to protect and represent their economic, social and cultural interests, and to make all endeavors and initiatives to ensure that all members have means of productive and concordant work opportunities. The Association’s very first Board consisted of Günay Çerkez (Chairman), Cahit Kaya (Deputy Chairman), Ahmet Hüdaoğlu (Secretary), Ümit Hansel (Accountant), Mehmet Kahveci (Active Member), Ahmet Ömer (Active Member), and Ömer Baştaş (Active Member). Thanks to the efforts of our Association on 31st of March 1998, the Cyprus Turkish  Building Constractors Association Law (18/98 Code) and the Building Construction and Tecnical Works Contractors Registration and Control Law (19/98 Code) came in force. Our Association also carrys out the operations of the workers work permits for foreign nationals employed for the construction sector, according to the law on Work Permits of Foreigners. Our up to date Association memers number is 466.